First WordPress Post

February 21, 2010

Introduction (heading level 2)

Ok, this is my first WordPress post. Fine. Not sure why I’m even here, but what the hell, maybe something interesting will come of it.

Testing Paragraphs (heading level 2)

Test of “Paragraph”. About to hit “Enter” key.

Note that simply hitting the “Enter” key put some nice space between the previous paragraph and this one.

Citation / Italics Test (heading level 2)

My favorite novels include Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, The Lord Of The Rings by JRR Tolkien, and The Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath by HP Lovecraft.

Story Of My Life (heading level 2)

Story of my entire life in a nutshell: In 1959, I was born, in Phoenix Arizona. Bloody hot. In 1963 I moved to California and I’ve been here ever since. In 1975 I fell in love for the first time. In 1978, I was a hippie, but I also got my first job later than year. In 1990, my father died at age 64 of heart and lung failure from years of smoking cigarettes. In 2000 I got the best job I ever had at Qcom Corp. In 2006 I got the worst job I’ve ever had at Link4 Corp. In 2008, I lost my job, ran out of money, got evicted, became homeless. From Dec 2008 to Aug 2012 I lived in homes for the homeless. In April 2012 I watched my first Oliver video and fell in love with Vocaloid and Oliver and Ryuto and Miku and all the other vocaloids. In Aug 2012 I got into an apartment of my own for the first time since Oct 2008. And tonight, early morning of Tuesday December 11, 2012, I said something more than “boo” on WordPress. Yep, it’s been one hell of a first half-century. I got to wonder what the second half-century of my life has in store. Hopefully I’ll find out, and move on to the third half century; but we’ll see; it’s always possible I may croak tomorrow, who knows.

Disclaimer: the above is in no way complete. A really complete tale of my life story would run 2000 pages and would bore the hell out of every single reader; for that reason and others, I’ll never tell that tale here. (For one thing, some things I’ve lived through are secrets which I’ll take to my death with me; you can’t have ’em so don’t ask.)

Conclusion (heading level 2)

That’s it for now; I may write more later. Or I might not.

Dee eh… dee eh… dee eh…. That’s all, folks. (As Porky Pig was wont to say.)